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Seeds of Nature,

Seeds  of Nature  export-trades  cocoa beans originating from the west Africa region of the  'IVORY COAST ' .  With the arrival of the cashew nut harvest in 2019, Seeds of Nature  will emerge as a leader in the 'cashew nut'  supply chain network.

Seeds of Nature's allegiance,  is first and foremost to the traditional  plantation farmer, whose  dedicated 'love for the  land' continues to cultivate  commodities  for essential feeding  of  the populace..

Seeds of Nature's compensates these farmers by providing special tangible  attention​ to their social needs  to ensure a sustainable   quality of lifestyle. 

The wisdom of  a farmer's  quote :
Man estimates  'one seed one plant' The seed 'keeps the secret, of the number of plants contained in one seed '

Our insight  into  the  traditional farming methods practiced for generations , exposed us  to the  level of care  acclaiming  the cocoa bean's  and cashew nut's  premium quality classification.

 Seeds of Nature's  intention  is  to market these two  seeds  for their nutritional values  and  to introduce newcomer.s  to  the  experience  of  varied cocoa & cashew  food  by-products ;  "without the cocoa bean their would be no chocolate "  

Seeds of Nature  is a  hands  on operation with key affiliated  office(s) strategically  located within this  "agric resource rich" west African country.

Our mission is to enhance the agricultural sector of the country , with a meaningful  mix of technological  and traditional  skills. Our current  intention is to establish  an innovative commercial trade platform for physical cohesiveness  across the international borders.

Upon receipt of your special individual 'confirmed' request, Seeds of Nature will provide :  

1-       wholesale 135 llbs Bag. of  Ivorian Cocoa           Beans ........... 

2-      wholesale  20 kg. Cartons  of  Ivorian